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This review is of the Nexus 10 tablet, the newest addition to our family for testing. We really liked the smaller version of this tablet, the Nexus 7, and consider it the best Android option (for those who prefer Google-Play), with the best overall experience. The Nexus 10 currently starts at $400, a price point that positions it well to compete with the full-sized iPad this holiday season, although we still stand behind the idea that choosing a tablet must go way beyond price considerations. Content is king when buying a media device, so consider the user and cost of their preferred content, when making a final decision. For our full post on the different tablet options for kids, families, reading & educational content, see our original post on the Kindle, Nook, Android & iPad as well as our:

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My husband Marc is an app developer for both iOS & Android platforms. While I focus most of my attention on iOS (as a reviewer for, Marc’s bias is often toward Google-Play for his own personal device usage, making for interesting dinner-time conversations. After Marc got his new Nexus 10 this weekend, I got him to agree to do a brief review of this new full-sized Google-Play device for my blog … we tested it over 72 hours with a variety of programs and apps.

What Marc liked:

  • It seems even faster than new iPad. 3D games are more responsive and higher frame rate. Standard cell charger as my Android phone (micro usb). Charges fairly quickly.
  • Stereo speaks on either side of the screen better than any iPad. It makes a for a nice stereo listening experience.
  • Chrome browsers works better than mobile safari or any other tablet browser.
  • The screen resolution is fantastic.
  • Video played on every website I visited.
  • The screen is big and wide, the first Android tablet I could enjoy digital magazines with my old guy eyes.

What Marc didn’t like:

  • Lack of accessories, could not find dock charger.
  • Plastic case feels less durable than ipad.
  • Battery life can go as low as 4 hours playing 3D games.
  • It seems to be sensitive to magnets, the instructions warn about airport magnets. When I set it on top of an iPad that was on and running apps in the debugger, and had my phone on top it, all that electromagnetic interference made it unusable until I turned it off and on. The screen kind of blinked weird.
  • Some Google-Play apps don’t work well on the big screen.
  • Some Google-Play apps don’t take advantage of the super high resolution screen.

Things that are New (Nexus 10 vs Nexus 7):

  • Output plug for HDMI monitor input so you can plug it directly in to a new TV and play video that way.
  • Allows different user spaces (have a login with only kids apps is a possibility).
  • Magnetic charger (although there are no accessories that work with it, which is frustrating).

 Things that are Old (sam as Nexus 7):

  • Google play
  • Basic Android look and feel
  • Google maps
  • Voice recognition

Any questions? Post a comment & Marc will answer as our in-house Android guy …

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