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Children’s picture books are read at lots of times of day. For instance, my son and I love to read at lunchtime (we get stuck in the car on rainy days between his two preschool programs). We also read when we’re waiting … for the doctor, the dentist or even in line at the store sometimes. But in the end, the bulk of our reading books together happens at bedtime. I suspect this is true across households all over the world.

Nothing beats a good bedtime story to settle a child down and have a little special time with their parents before bed. As a parent, I need to find bedtime books in the sea of iPad offerings, and this is one of the reasons I started Digital Storytime. We have a star rating system just for bedtime suitability – a special category that no other review site has (that I know of).

Bedtime books also need to be time-limited, depending on how much time before it’s time to go to sleep. I test every book to see how long it takes to play or read, in addition to listing the number of pages, so parents can find out how long it will take to get through the app on average. Bedtime must come eventually and knowing how long until you tuck your kid in is very important.

So here are my favorites for bedtime reading – all relatively short (under 10 minutes) & with little or no interactivity. They are sure to bring sweet dreams!

1. Far to the North







2. Peterkin Meets a Star







3. The Wrong Side of the Bed







4. A Hug and a Kiss








5. Monkey & Croc







6. Mrs. Gigglebelly is coming for tea







7. Mabel’s New Home








8. Lazy Larry Lizard







9. Hiku







10. Tractor Mac Books (3 Titles for iPad)

















And a special mention goes to my top 5 interactive books that are als0 suited for bedtime because of their subject matter, music or other features that make them relaxing bedtime treats.

1. Pop-Out: The Tale of Peter Rabbit






2. Five Little Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed






3. AstroJammies







4. Penelope the Purple Pirate






5. Zoobert







And what are your favorite reads for pajama storytime on the iPad?

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