Authors Unite to Create Interactive Books for Kids – Guest Post from the Book App Alliance (BAA)

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A new organization, featuring some of my favorite independent and self-published authors and illustrators was created last year. Michelle Anaya, one of the members of the Book App Alliance (BAA) wrote up this lovely guest post to explain more about BAA, it’s goals and how to join.

The book app alliance is making great strides in creating awareness about the benefits of book apps. This organization of industry leading authors creating interactive books for kids, was formed by a group of authors who found that parents and teachers were confused about digital books (ebook vs. book app). There is also confusion about how to use them, and how to find the hidden gems in the App Store.

Their mission is to be the leading community of innovative book app authors working together to share resources that will help bring awareness of high-quality book apps to the world.

The Book App Alliance was created to:

  1. Educate consumers on what book apps are and how they can be used to entertain and educate.
  2. Showcase top-quality book apps that are buried within the 40,000+ book apps in the App Store.
  3. Create a community of leading and innovative book app authors and help them work together to bring awareness of their work.

Parents, teachers and authors, if you are interested in hearing news about great quality apps, app specials, and more, be sure to join them on their Facebook page or follow the blog RSS feed at

There are three primary issues The Book App Alliance is working to resolve:

  1. Lack of awareness by the public of what book apps are and how they can be an effective resource in entertainment and learning.
  2. The market is crowded with book apps that differ significantly in quality. It’s hard for consumers to distinguish the good from the bad so many opt for the big brands they know. We know there are hidden gems in the App Store, created by innovative, independent authors and developers. It’s our objective to provide a direct path to these higher quality and unique products to help consumers discover book apps that are worthwhile.
  3. Cutting through the clutter to promote quality apps is a challenge. Book App Alliance members will join forces to promote quality apps, creating one big voice as opposed to many little voices.

Who May Apply for Book App Alliance membership?

The Book App Alliance was created to help the “little guy” compete against the mega shops and brands in the App Store. Members are independent authors who may also be illustrator, producer and/or developer for their book apps.

The following criteria will be used to judge applicants to the Book App Alliance:

▪Applicant must be a children’s author.

▪App must be an interactive book app with multi-sensory experiences within the story. Not an ebook.

▪Book app must be original material (may include public domain or branded characters) written by the author.

▪Book app must be for children or teens.

▪There must be a privacy policy to comply with COPPA.

▪Text of the book must be grammatically correct indicating a professional edit was done.

▪Book app must be either a storybook or concept book.

Associate membership is open to librarians, teachers, reviewers and those in publishing who have a professional interest in interactive reading for kids. In addition those who support and use digital book apps in their practice such as SLPs, OTs and others may apply.

For more information about the book app alliance

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